Situational Analysis

  • Are you looking to do a state-of-the-art launch? Are you bored of the same old launches with no pomp?
  • Are you looking to market your product differently? Are you looking for creative, fresh and vibrant ways to roll out an interdependent, interlinked and multi-faceted 360ᵒ BTL Experiential Marketing Campaign all over the country?
  • Through the campaign, are you seeking to increase sales, boost brand visibility and entrench brand loyalty among Kenyan consumers?
  • Have you carved a niche for yourself in the market, but the competition has equally increased in market aggression and massive marketing?
  • To sustain market presence and to increase market share, do you feel that you MUST come out strong and effectively push your brand?
  • If the above is affirmative, then look no further! 254 Entertainment, the leading BTL Experiential Agency in the country, known for its innovative ideas, heavy BTL presence, result-oriented brand activation, visibility and unbeatable freshness is the team for the job!
  • Your Brand engaging in a massive product launch and subsequent 360ᵒ Experiential Marketing Campaign is an amazing idea that simply needs to come alive…
  • We at 254 Entertainment believe that with the proper mechanism, and the proper consumer-oriented marketing and promotion, we will definitely succeed in igniting the spark around Your Brand and get it the awareness, hype, attention and it deserves among Kenyans.
  • To this effect, we intend to conceptualize a fun, fresh, and exciting 360ᵒ BTL Activation Mechanic that we believe is the best way to market Your Brand to the Kenyan consumer…

We Understand The Target Market

The first step in a successful marketing campaign is to understand the target market.

As 254 Entertainment, we have interacted with Kenyans all over the country and have come to perceive that they love having fun and having a good time.

They are always into what appears to be fresh, lively, happening, exciting and affordable.

Our Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

What sets us apart from any other BTL Agency in the region is the fact  that we intend to use what these Kenyans love most as an entry point and as a base upon which to push our clients’ products/services.

We use media, social utility websites, slick branding and imagery to boost visibility, as well as music, fun, hype, games and entertainment to woo these consumers, grab their attention and market clients’ products/services to them.